Dean Bertsch

Dean Bertsch
My Role and Opportunity

My passion for training pastors came as a result of personal experience.  In 2014, I had the privilege of traveling to Mongolia, Cameroon, and Brazil to be a part of training teams.  These trips opened my eyes to the enormity of the need pastoral and leadership training.  According to The Gospel Coalition's website, 85% of the world's 2.2 million evangelical churches are being led by men with little or no training.
After a week of teaching in Mongolia, one of the pastors said, “When I return to my church, I must apologize to my people.  I learned this week that I have not been teaching what the Bible says.  I have been teaching my ideas and trying to find Bible verses to support what I wanted to say.”
This is not uncommon.  Dr. Sills often shares the story of a man who says he “preaches” whatever he dreams about the previous night. 
In November 2014, I was asked to join the staff of Reaching & Teaching, in order to further the work of theological training across the world.  The need and urgency are great.  I was thrilled for the privilege of being asked to serve and am excited to have the opportunity to be involved with this team.
After seeing first-hand the effectiveness of this pastoral training, I want to invest my life in helping Reaching & Teaching meet the need for such training across the worl1d. 
My role with Reaching & Teaching involves both international training and stateside mobilization. My official title is Director of Teams and Resource Development. This multi-faceted role involves the following:
• leading teams traveling abroad to train pastors
• developing partnerships with individuals and churches
• representing Reaching & Teaching at evangelical conferences
• promoting the Reaching & Teaching ministry, to help it carry out its mission
I am eager to employ my passion and gifts in the service of the global church, and I pray that Lord will use me for his glory.
Dean was born and raised in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  He was raised in a Christian home and was strongly influenced for Christ by a number of relatives.  He came to faith in his early teens.
Prior to coming to Oakwood, Dean served in pastoral ministry in his hometown, and he also served on the Board of Directors of To Every Tribe Ministries in Los Fresnos, Texas.   While Dean attended seminary classes at Biblical Theological Seminary, he credits his knowledge and ministry training to serving under and with Pastor Fred Zaspel.  Because of this background, Dean is a strong believer that local churches can raise up their own future leaders, as well as train leaders for other areas of ministry.
Dean and his wife Kathy were married in 1985.  They have three children:  Glenn (age 24), who lives in Leesburg, Virginia, and serves on the staff of Generation Joshua; Joshua (age 21), who attends Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky; and Amanda (age 15) who is homeschooled and going into eleventh grade.